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Building on Binary Beauty's use of color and expressive faces, I wanted to tell bigger stories, creating bigger pictures (literally and figuratively) of  the emotions we all go through. Some of the idea sketches show early development ideas of the completed paintings, others are still in the beginning phases. These show images of feeling under water,  regret, loneliness, rage, desire, introspection and more.

Drag them around or click on them to see the full size images.

communicate vibrate
woman in progress.JPG

Introspective Vision: 36"x48" Latex Paint on wood. 

Original: 450.00

Prints: Available from 15.00

An adaptation of Focused Determination this version seeks to look at the thoughts and feelings that come at us both external and internal. The golden bolts are both coming towards her as well as radiating from her. They represent both the positive and negative energies that surround us daily. 


Communication:  24"x48" Latex Paint on wood. 

Original: 850.00

Prints Available : from 15.00

Communication : Ever recieve a text from someone at the exact same moment that you are writing one to them? Have you ever heard the call of your loved one without the use of technology. This was all about communicating through time and space with nothing more than the energy of our spirit. 


Intimacy: 24"x48" Latex Paint and Colored Pencil on wood. 

Original: 850.00

Prints: Available from 15.00

Intimacy: This portrait is tremendously special to me. The figure in this portrait is never looking at the viewer.  She is confident in her beauty. She is also painted in a high gloss paint, this lends it a special effect when seen in person. The light of the room distorts the image from a distance, forcing the interested viewer to come closer. When you are close enough the image reveals itself, yet she is still modestly covered. This is intended to say that the first step of intimacy is the approach, but there is so much more to be understood beneath what you see.  This was done during a few of my Instagram live painting sessions.


Blue MonDae: 24"x48" Latex Paint on wood. 

Original: SOLD

Prints: Available from 23.00


Frustration: 24"x24" Latex Paint on wood. 

Original: 300.00

Prints: Available from 15.00

I was in the midst of serious turmoil in my life.  Going through a divorce, financial struggles, and a mess of other stuff that is just a natural fact of life.... I was simply frustrated. This portrait was a moment of relief, a moment of silence, a moment to think, a moment to shut everything out and take note of my station.

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