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Welcome to my Online Store, and my Online Studio. As with all things, it is ever changing, ever evolving. The first time I did this, it was a Geocities page. Yeh, I'm old. This is here to share my art, my thoughts, and hopefully build relationships with people that understand and share my perspective on themselves and the world around them. I live in my head, so sometimes the work I create is over thought, Under cooked and narrowly developed.... but its always authentically me. 


After a life reset and a conversation with a friend, I realized one of the things that was missing from my life, was my art. I had given up on art as a significant part of my life and identity.  Realizing that mistake I began the process of reclaiming my artistic vision.

Growing from simple doodles on paper, to more detailed sketches on wood these became some of the first pieces of my recovery. 

I find it fitting that the first attempt at a full detailed sketch would be of the friend that helped me to see the importance of expression through art.

Shay: 12"x12" pencil and marker on wood. 

Original: 150.00

Prints: Available from 15.00

Talk to Me: 24"x24" latex paint on wood. 

Original: 250.00

Prints: Available from 20.00

#livepainting #coloredgirl #sketch #draw

Stepping out of my comfort zone of using only markers I began to use latex paint to create a series of portraits based on a simple binary color set. 

I wanted to create a series of portraits that reflected a given emotional presence while celebrating the beauty of women of color. These portraits contain fictional characters as well as women I know. Each has been developed to reflect a given characteristic or to tell a short story,


Violet/TalkToMe  24"x24" Latex on wood 

Original: 250.00

Prints: Available from 15.00


Building on the Binary Beauty's use of color and expressive faces I wanted to tell bigger stories, create bigger pictures (literally and figuratively) of the emotions we all go through. 

I wanted to create a series of paintings that would ask the viewer questions, while attempting to answer them at the same time. 


BlueMonDae  24"x48"" Latex on wood 

Original: 1150.00

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